In Space, No One Can Hear You Get Cancelled. (UPDATED)

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Reports are swirling that EA has officially put the “dead” in Dead Space and effectively cancelled the franchise after sales for Dead Space 3 did not meet expectations. EA has been laying off employees in their Los Angeles and Montreal studios as part of the company’s restructuring plans, which now includes no more Dead Space.

EA’s expectations for the game were too high and everyone knew it. Last year, CEO John Riccitiello said he thought that Dead Space 3 could sell 5 million copies. Remember when selling a million copies used to be considered  a hit and sequel worthy?

Despite the sad news, Dead Space 3 received a glowing 9.5 review from us and should be experienced.


EA has responded to the story this morning saying that the Dead Space franchise is still alive and well at Visceral Montreal and remains one of their most important IP’s.



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