Holy Schnikes! Killzone: Shadow Fall Will Be A 50GB Install


For those of you that like to download your games digitally to your console, the next generation will certainly see more of games like Killzone: Shadow Fall, but right now, this is a different thing. The upcoming shooter developed by Guerilla will be an almost 50GB install when the game releases alongside the [amazon_link id=”B00CMQTVQO” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Playstation 4[/amazon_link] on November 15th.

I guess it is a good thing you can play as you download on the Playstation 4 because that might be quite a wait for 50 GB. Fergal Gara, from Sony UK, used this announcement to push Sony’s new download ability.

“The Play as you Download functionality, for example, means you don’t need the whole file before you go. This is a little bit counterbalanced by the fact the files themselves are getting bloody big. Killzone: Shadow Fall is an uber file – I think it’s cracking on for 50 GB. It looks it, too, when you see it.”

Call me old fashioned, but I am sticking with discs until someone tells me that I can not buy them anymore and have to use a digital service.


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