Hollywood In 2015: Something’s Gotta Give


We are all used to big summer movie seasons. It is a part of movie culture and it is one of the few reasons to actually get excited about sweating your balls (or other various parts) off in the baking sun. But is Hollywood headed for a year of heartbreak? Two years from now will be the biggest movie year in history. Not just summer, but for 365 days we will be given a deluge of big-budget extravaganzas like we have never seen before in such a short period.

This would indicate that Hollywood should reach their highest box office total ever, but with so many huge event and franchise movies in such a short time will we get burned out? Chances are that a few of these offerings will either not meet lofty expectations or completely bomb altogether just because of the competition releasing so close together.

So now, let’s look in our crystal ball (which oddly looks like a box of Gobstoppers) and see what franchises are sure things and which ones may be left out to wither and die.

Note: These movies are for the entire calendar year of 2015, not just the summer season.


Avengers: Age of Ultron

As close as you will get to a sure thing to make a billion dollars. Even if the story ends up being weaker than the first, people will show up in droves.

Bomb Factor- 0/10



Completely off the radar until last week’s Comic-Con. Zack Snyder returning to direct and Christopher Nolan executive producing. Just don’t screw up the Batman casting and watch the money flow in.

Bomb Factor- 0.5/10


Star Wars: Episode VII

Disney is going to run this franchise into the ground with yearly movies, but this first one by J.J. Abrams should be a massive hit and hopefully set up a new trilogy well.

Bomb Factor- 1/10


Independence Day 2

It will be 19 years between the original and the sequel when this hits. No Will Smith may hurt, but Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman are returning and if they can cast some good new leads this could work. Will people still care after so long?

Bomb Factor- 4/10


Jurassic Park 4

The fourth dino adventure will return to the original island. Jurassic Park 3 made its money back but failed to live up to the first two. Depending on release date, this may get lost in the shuffle.

Bomb Factor- 5/10


Assassin’s Creed

Michael Fassbender is starring in and producing this adaptation of the Ubisoft video game. I am excited about the prospect, but fear that this may fall into the John Carter or Prince of Persia bunch when it releases.

Bomb Factor- 7/10


Fantastic Four Reboot

The first two FF movies made plenty of money against their budgets, but were bashed by critics. Better casting and and early spring release should help the new team reach better heights.

Bomb Factor- 5/10


Pirates of the Caribbean 5

On Stranger Tides was the first Pirates to not break $300 million domestically yet it was a huge hit worldwide being the first one in the franchise to cross $1 billion. Even if some are tired of Jack Sparrow, the rest of the world box office will make him a hit again.

Bomb Factor- 3/10


Terminator 5

Arnold is returning and there are rumors that The Rock may be circling. He revitalizes franchises, of that there is no doubt, but is this one too far gone to rehab?

Bomb Factor- 6/10


The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 2

Mocking Jay is not a large book so making two movies out if it may be a stretch. Let’s hope they don’t sacrifice quality for quantity.

Bomb Factor- 3/10

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Finding Dory

Pixar has had a case of sequel-itis for a few years now and I have still not gotten my Incredibles 2. Finding Nemo is one of the most beloved of all the Pixar offerings so I think people will embrace this more than Cars 2 or even Monsters University.

Bomb Factor- 2/10



As Marvel pulls farther into their hero pool, their gambles get bigger. Guardians of the Galaxy will put their muscle to the test next year. Ant-Man will have the distinction of being the first Marvel movie after Avengers 2 and Edgar Wright will easily make the movie entertaining. Will people embrace it?

Bomb Factor- 5/10


Bond 24

Skyfall was not only the most successful Bond movie ever it was also in talks as being possibly the best movie in the series. Daniel Craig is locked up for at least two more films and Sam Mendes is returning to direct 007’s next adventure. It may not hit the heights of Skyfall, but it will not fall very far.

Bomb Factor- 2/10



Ron Howard and Tom Hanks are returning to the Robert Langdon character for a third film from Dan Brown’s book series. Has the Dan Brown craze train left the station? Most likely.

Bomb Factor- 7/10



The long-in-development Warcraft is finally going to make it to the big screen thanks to Moon director Duncan Jones. World of Warcraft has almost 10 million subscribers that pay $15 a month to play so if a good portion of those pony up $10 a ticket it will have a decent opening weekend. The problem comes in convincing the general public to take the trip to Azeroth.

Bomb Factor- 5/10










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