Harley Quinn Getting Her Own Monthly Series This Fall

Photo courtesy comicbookresources.com
Photo courtesy comicbookresources.com

The fine people over at Comic Book Resources have broke the news that everone’s favorite psychopathic girlfriend, Harley Quinn, will be getting her own series beginning this fall in DC’s New 52. The title will be written by Jimmy Palmiotti with art by Amanda Conner.

In the interview, Palmiotti spoke about how their Harley plays along with the New 52:

“We took a good long look at the New 52 version and then applied it to what we were going to do in the series. Harley is a complex character and we are going to build on her background, motivations and her home and supporting cast. Sort of what we did with Power Girl but with a mix of a bit more homicidal maniac added in.”

Conner was asked about her inspiration for Harley’s new costume for the series:

“I am trying to incorporate my favorite things about her latest look and her early costume. I was also inspired by some roller derby girls that I met a short time ago. I think that look totally works for Harley. Another thing I try to keep in mind is what would work really well for costumers and cosplayers, and what would be fun for them to create. One of my favorite things at a comic convention is seeing people dressed up in something that just started out as a thought in my head. Lastly, I always put the character in something that I wish I could run around in all the time” 

Harley Quinn will release this fall.


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