Game of Thrones Timeline Announced

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Game of Thrones producer Frank Doelger recently revealed a (very) rough timeline for GoT, predicting that it will continue for four more seasons, concluding with seven in total.

We’ve already been told that book three will be divided between seasons three and four, which immediately poses a problem.  Seven books are expected to complete the series, but that suggests at least one season will contain two or more books.  Now I haven’t read the books, and so I do not know the plausibility of such a decision, but it seems rather premature to state that seven seasons will be the limit.  I guess that’s why it’s a rough timeline and not a final decision.


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  1. I know that two of the books cover roughly the same time period so my guess would be that with a TV show you can handle something like that easier

  2. The thing is that there are seven planned books and the fifth one just came out two years ago. So you will be on the fourth book in the fifth season of the show planned to go seven seasons with two books yet to release.

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