G4 Cancels X-Play And Attack Of The Show

Shows Canned In Wake Of Networks Re-Branding.

Sad news today that G4 has cancelled both Attack of the Show and X-Play with the network changing brands next year from a tech channel to a more GQ-inspired men’s channel. Cause apparently men don’t play video games.

Both shows will have farewell runs with the final episodes airing in December with old hosts returning and best-of content being shown.

X-Play started in 2003 and has aired more than 1,300 episodes. Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb hosted the show for the majority of the time until Sessler left G4 earlier this year. Attack of the Show began in 2005 as a replacement for the show The Screen Savers. The show had its own share of hosts come and go with Kevin Pereira being the mainstay before he left to work in production earlier this year.

We here will miss both shows greatly as they were a big part of geek culture for almost a decade.



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