First Trailer For Thief Called ‘Out Of The Shadows’

Photo courtesy
Photo courtesy

I can already hear classic Thief fans as they watch this trailer with their cries of “suck it Assassin’s Creed”.

The minute long trailer features protagonist Garrett as he stalks his prey which happens to be a rather expensive looking necklace. I know Thief fans have been more than excited ever since this game was announced, especially with the classic Thief being known for not holding players hands and being a tried and true stealth game. For some reason when I see Garrett’s one green eye at the end of the preview I think there will be some kind of detective mode like in the Arkham games and I already don’t want to hear the bitching of fans when that happens. Just give me a fun game and I don’t care.

Thief releases in 2014 for next generation consoles.


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