First Trailer For Machete Kills Has Machete…Killing

I liked the first Machete. I didn’t love it, but it was enough dumb fun that I was excited when a sequel was announced. Danny Trejo should get an honorary Oscar for the career he has crafted for himself this late in life. Well, at least an honorary Razzie.

The ex-federales assassin is back and on direct order from the president no less. And that president is being played by Carlos Estevez or Mr. Tiger Blood himself Charlie Sheen. That is one great thing about a movie like this, the cast is completely off the wall including the likes of Michelle Rodriguez, Lady Gaga, Mel Gibson and even Cuba Gooding, Jr.

Also I do not recommend watching Spy Kids anytime before this movie comes out unless you want to feel like a complete pervert when Alexa Vega shows up on screen.


I told you.

Machete Kills releases on September 13th.



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