First Trailer For White House Down

You thought Gerard Butler was the only guy that could save the President? Wrong! This summer it will be Channing Tatum’s turn. The first trailer has just gone up for Roland Emmerich’s White House Down and don’t write this movie off just because it is opening a few months after Olympus Has Fallen.

Now everyone should know that I am not the biggest Channing Tatum fan. Not because of how popular he is, but just the fact that he has a hard time……acting. The trailer has a different feel to it beginning with a very prophetic quote by Abraham Lincoln and spending most of the run time in a forced silence.

Remember back in 1998 when Deep Impact opened and Morgan Freeman was president and that idea was the greatest idea in history? A lot of people liked Deep Impact, then Armageddon opened up in the summer and completely kicked Deep Impact in the taint. So who knows, maybe Channing Tatum will win this round with King Leonidas.

White House Down releases on June 28th.



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