First Poster For The World’s End


This year will see the release of the final film in The Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy, the three films written by Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, directed by Wright and starring Pegg and Nick Frost. Shaun of the Dead, to me, was the beginning of the rebirth of the zombie craze and its hard to believe it is already nine years old. Hot Fuzz is looked on by most as a funny movie, but not on the same level as Shaun. Here is my admission: I like Hot Fuzz more than Shaun. Don’t ask me why. While I love both movies, there is something about Fuzz that makes me want to watch it over and over.

Now the trio is going intergalactic with The World’s End, the tale of five friends who reunite to take on a legendary pub crawl that bested them twenty years before. Small problem being that there is an alien invasion happening as they head towards the pub with the appropriate name.

The World’s End releases August 23rd.




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