Final Episode Of Fringe Is Friday. Check Out The Poster And Preview.


After five hard fought years, Fringe will be ending its series run on Friday night. Now I am, admittedly, behind on the show (in Season 3 now) so needless to say I have not watched this preview and have done pretty well to stay spoiler free until I catch up. But for those fans who have been with the series since day one it has to be a somber time. Fox gave the series a fifth season to end things how the creators saw fit despite being ratings challenged and buried on Friday nights.

Take a look at the preview below as one of the most unique shows to air on television gets ready to say goodbye.


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  1. I've been with it since season 1. I'm sad to see it go, although it lost some momentum after it totally changed its format from a fringe event being solved each episode, into what is now the fleshing out of all the character plot lines they started at along the way.

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