EA Sports Next-Gen Trailer Round-Up

Photo courtesy gameinformer.com
Photo courtesy gameinformer.com

Yeah, so instead of posting separate articles about these I am just going to save the time and put them all here.

Madden NFL 25

The 25th anniversary title for Madden will be a launch title and while it may look full of pretty, I think we all know from EA’s track record that it will be stripped of features available in the current-gen versions. The “Madden rule” for next gen consoles. Wait for the third game.

NBA Live 14

I have always been a fan of the NBA Live series over NBA 2K (but even I can’t accept the last few Live games). Here is hoping EA can actually get this game to a finished product because if it sees one more setback, EA should just consider their NBA franchise dead.


If there is one franchise EA has to take care of, it is FIFA. It is the biggest selling game in their sports library and they always have to look over their shoulder to make sure they are still ahead of Pro Evolution Soccer.


Despite THQ’s woes, their UFC games were very fun and always impressive looking. Now EA looks to bring the feel of the Octagon to their UFC franchise. They had a good start with their own EA Sports MMA a few years back so let’s hope they can have good momentum going into the first game with UFC.


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