EA Signs Deal With CLC To Continue College Football Games Without Use Of NCAA Name

Photo courtesy operationsports.com
Photo courtesy operationsports.com

It seems that college football will continue in video game form through EA Sports just without the NCAA name or logo.

EA has signed a three-year deal with Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC), the company that handles marketing and trademark licenses for various universities. With this new deal in place, EA can continue making their yearly college football game, but it will have to be renamed since they will no longer be allowed to use the NCAA name or logo.

The deal is also non-exclusive meaning that other publishers are open to negotiate with the CLC and reach deals to produce their own video games with colleges. This could end up being the best part of the entire NCAA/EA fallout. Competition brings better games to the table and maybe if another company makes a deal to get another college football game out we, the consumers, may get multiple good games out of it.


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