Dust 514 Open Beta Set For January 22

DUST 514 Screenshot (8)

CCP Games has been hard at work for years on Dust 514, a first-person shooter set in their massive multiplayer online game, Eve Online. It is one of the most ambitious projects undertaken in gaming history by taking the already established universe and the very real in-game economy that has thrived on PC for years and create a shooter in the same universe that will have an effect on gameplay and economy for the Playstation 3.

Now the company is ready to begin the open beta process on January 22nd. The closed beta took place during the summer of last year and CCP is now in the process of merging their servers to have both games be part of the same universe. As a reward for closed beta members, if anyone plays a match before the January 22nd open beta they will be awarded with an extra 100,000 skill points for equipment upgrades.

No release date has been given for Dust 514 but the biggest seeling point for the title is that it will be free to play when it launches on the PS3.


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  1. hard to believe that's a ps3 screen.

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