“Durango NextBox 720 Fusion” : Trey’s Take on the Xbox One Event


I’d like to start by saying that I was not able to watch the presentation “live,” but I was following the event on several gaming sites and social media.

The overall impression I got, and the feeling I arrived at after reading some posts and watching some of the demonstrations, was “Meh. Where are our games? When does it actually come out? Is it E3 yet?”

It is no surprise that the Xbox One will be a media-heavy device, with a large portion of its abilities focused on things other than just playing games. My 360 already spends as much time on Netflix and Hulu as it does facilitating headshots, and Sony’s PS4 reveal set the tone for next-gen integration of web and social media. Considering there is already a Pizza Hut app that lets you order delivery right from your console, things like browsing theater show times and buying tickets are just the next logical step in the process.

There was a lot of talk about games, with numbers being thrown around concerning how many exclusive titles we can expect, how many of those are new IPs, etc. The amazing thing was the sheer lack of footage from those games, or even information about titles; hell guys, I would have taken a teaser logo or two. Halo TV series sounds like a win, but again, that’s only game-related, not an actual game.

All photos courtesy theverge.com
All photos courtesy theverge.com

The games that were shown off ranged from: Interesting (Quantum Break); completely expected but pretty (Forza, sports titles); and completely expected, uninteresting, bland and useless (Call of Go Fuck Yourself, Leaning in FPS is Not Something to Be Excited About).

Finally, Microsoft managed to give us absolutely zero info in way of a release date.

So what are my thoughts on this? I would have saved the money and hype for E3, since they’re essentially doing that anyway by holding off on game announcements and a solid release date. I genuinely think the folks in Xbox marketing let the media get to them about how long they were waiting after Sony’s announcement, and the end result was a half-assed presentation that gave me very few reasons to be excited for the Xbox One.

“4/10. Would not waste time on over-hyped presentation again.”


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