Dragon Age III Swaps To Next Gen, Influenced By Skyrim

Bioware Delays Sequel To 2014.

Dragon Age III has officially been moved to next-gen platforms and will see a release date switch from “late” 2013 to “who can guess” in 2014. The switch was announced via an EA level designer’s LinkedIn profile.

Also on the Dragon Age front is Bioware’s Aaryn Flynn saying that the next game will focus heavily on exploration which comes as welcome news to someone who was frustrated by Dragon Age II’s more linear approach. In his interview in the new issue of Game Informer, Flynn also noted that the game can not help but to be influenced by the massive success of Skyrim.

“You can’t look at a game like Skyrim and not think about how impressive what they’ve accomplished is — or [think] that’s an interesting new direction or that there was something that didn’t work well for them that we could take in a new direction.”

Let’s just hope they don’t take too much away from Skyrim and make DA3 unplayable on Playstation 3’s.


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