Disney Hopes You’re Ready For A Whole Lot More Star Wars

Photo courtesy loadpaper.com
Photo courtesy loadpaper.com

And by a lot of Star Wars, I mean a metric shit ton of Star Wars.

Disney announced today at CinemaCon that they plan on releasing a Star Wars film every year beginning with Episode VII in 2015. They would alternate years with a movie in the new trilogy and one of the standalone films the next summer.

J.J. Abrams is hard at work with pre-production of Episode VII which we will just call The Phantom Nerfherder for now and screenwriters Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinburg are rumored to be working on one or more of the stand alone films which are shrouded in even more mystery than Episode VII.

Now I love me some Star Wars, but damn Disney. Every year? No matter how big the property is there is going to be a saturation point and people will stop caring. The prequels did enough damage to the legacy of Star Wars so let’s pull back the reins a bit. Star Wars movies are an event. If we get one every year for at the very least next six years beginning in 2015, people (like me) could get very tired, very quickly.

Honestly I would rather get to play 1313 and get a new trilogy.


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