Devil May Cry New DLC Aims To Shut Up Complainers



Despite garnering great reviews (currently it is an 86 on Metacritic), the new [amazon_link id=”B007UM59AC” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Devil May Cry[/amazon_link] still has its detractors in the form of fans who apparently refuse to play the game because hero Dante underwent a makeover and lost his white locks of hair and appeared more goth than previous entries in the series.

Capcom has decided to placate these fans by releasing a Costume Pack DLC which will offer three new outfits for Dante including one that makes him appear as he did in previous Devil May Cry’s. The developers did not give people the full monty because the character will only switch to “classic” Dante while he is in “Devil Trigger” mode. So take it and be happy (at least that’s how I imagine Ninja Theory saying it).

The Costume Pack DLC will cost $4 (320 MS Points).


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