Could Killer Instinct Be Ready For Another Ultra Combo?

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It looks as though Killer Instinct is crawling out of the grave that Fox dug for it. Last year, Microsoft was denied the renewal of the license because Fox had a similar named property and didn’t want to share.

Well Fulgore days are here again!!!

Microsoft and Fox have signed what Matlock would call a “Trademark Coexistence Agreement”, which basically means that they have something that is named the same thing, but are cool with each other using the name. See, Fox had a TV show back in 2005 named Killer Instinct and it made no complete sense to fight Microsoft on the use of the name of a show that no one fucking remembers. Oh and the fact that the game came way before the show also.

Now this does not mean that a new Killer Instinct is on the way, but it does free up Microsoft to start one if they want to. I would think the fact that they signed this agreement would be a tell that they have more Jago action planned for the future.



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