Controller Inspired Cufflinks. For The Nerd With Important Places To Go.

All photos courtesy
All photos courtesy

Do you have an important function to go to? A nice dinner or maybe a wedding of a person that you don’t really consider a friend, but know well enough to put on a suit? Are you actually a very lonely gamer and sometimes you dress up while you play Dead or Alive and pretend that you are on a date with one of the chicks in the game?

Well Bazinga Jewelry is looking to cater to you. They are offering these video game controller inspired cufflinks for the man about town…and games. Each set will run you back $19.99 and they have choices that include the NES, SNES, Genesis, Xbox 360 and Playstation.

At the very least you could buy a set for that one magical day when you have to wear a nice suit and people will notice your mad cufflinks. So go buy them and call your grannie to see how she is feeling.

And now we play the waiting game.






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