Carrie Fisher Confirms She Is In Star Wars Episode VII


It looks like Star Wars Episode VII is going to be a full blown reunion. Mark Hamill has already talked about his possible involvement and Latino Review has reported that Harrison Ford is set to return as Han Solo (insert shot first joke here). Now Carrie Fisher is confirming that she will be returning to the galaxy far, far away. She is the first of the three stars to announce this themselves.

Now we just have to keep her off the crazy train for three more years so this movie can get made. That is easier said than done, but where there is a will, there is a high priced Disney employee whose job it will be to follow her around 24-7 to make sure she doesn’t go off on a Wookie sized bender.

And let’s put all of our fanboy expectations into perspective. When Episode VII releases in a few years this is not the Leia of you childhood dreams when you would go hide in a closet.


We won’t be getting this.


We will be getting this.





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  1. What? That's a new kinda HAWT!

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