Captain America 3 To Open Against Batman Vs. Superman

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When it was announced that Batman vs. Superman had been delayed to May 6, 2016 we knew that was a date that Marvel had already staked out for an unknown film. Through the power of the internet we now know that it will be Captain America who gets to honor to take on DC’s two mightiest heroes.

While superhero battles are great in the comics, it sucks for movie fans. Now, your uber-fans are going to see both in the same weekend, but with theater trips costing your first-born son these days, there will have to be a choice made for most. I hope that one studio backs off and changes dates because both of these movies are large enough that they need to have their own weekend in the spotlight.

If I had to play the guessing game as to who would flinch first, it would be Marvel. Captain America is a big property, of this there is no doubt, yet, he is not on the same level as Iron Man or Avengers (at least in the Marvel cinematic universe).

If these two movies do open against each other I would have to give the edge to Batman and Superman. This will be the third Cap film up against the two biggest comic characters in history. Even with all the bitching about Batfleck (even though I think he will own it), there will be a curiosity by moviegoers to see how the first movie team-up goes with the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight.

If both movies open on the same weekend which one will you be seeing first?





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