Bioshock Infinite Shows Off Its Collector’s Side

All other video game collector’s editions, look upon Bioshock Infinite’s Ultimate Songbird Edition and despair.

Have you, like me, been looking for that perfect companion piece statue to go alongside your Marcus Fenix From Gears 3 and Alduin from Skyrim? Well Bioshock Infinite is here for you with this massive set which includes a 9 1/2 inch statue of a Songbird from the game.

And yes it will come with a hefty price tag of $150 but that should be nothing for such a committed group of gamers as yourselves (or me). Here is the rundown of the list of goodies:

– 9 1/2 inch Songbird statue

– Keychain of a Murder of the Crow vigor bottle

– 5X7 lithograph

– Handyman resin miniature resin game piece from the Bioshock Infinite board game

– Bioshock Infinite art book

– Digital soundtrack

– Exclusive avatars for Xbox 360 and themes for PC and PS3.

A Premium edition of the game will also be available for $79.99 which includes all the goodies from the Ultimate minus the Songbird statue.

Now let’s just hope the game makes it February 2013 release.


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