Bayley’s Gonna Hug You. WWE’s Best Current Themes

During the early 2000’s WWE began using their growth from the Attitude Era to branch out and have bands record themes for superstars. Sure, there were some wrestlers who kept their music, mostly done by Jim Johnston, but larger stars such as HHH, Stone Cold, Kane, Undertaker and Edge were given themes by large bands including Rob Zombie, Motorhead and Disturbed.

Over the past couple of years it seems like WWE is going back to “in house” themes for their superstars. Now we still have guys like Randy Orton, HHH and RVD keeping their themes because themes connect to certain superstars and should not change. Jim Johnston still does themes here and there, but most of the newer ones have been passed off to CFO$, a duo that is bringing house themes back while making sure they are just as good as any band.

Here are the best of the current roster.

Kevin Owens

Owens always says he will fight anyone, anywhere. Hearing this as he comes to the ring you know that there a fight is about to happen. Point taken.

Dean Ambrose

I will admit I was not sold on this theme when Ambrose first went solo. Let it be a lesson that first impressions do not always last.

Adam Rose

His character wasn’t given the time to develop enough before he was called up to Raw. Know why? Because his theme is so damn catchy WWE tried to Fandango him into popularity. Stop being lemons, everyone.

Sami Zayn

This theme is Sami Zayn. You here his personality in it, the beat seems to match the way he walks to the ring and even though it sounds nothing like it, a chorus of ole’ chants adds so much.

Bad News Barrett

Any theme that allows the superstar to incorporate their tagline in the music is a bonus.

Titus O’Neil

Here is the catch-22. I don’t like rap music. I like Titus’ theme. I don’t like rap music. I like Titus’ theme. I don’t like rap music…and so on.

Baron Corbin

Get past the beginning that sounds like Chuck Palumbo is back and you have yourself a good theme for the silent aggressor.


Like Kharma before her, Paige’s theme is one you sit up and pay attention to. Having Paige on screen doesn’t hurt either.

Finn Balor

From the buildup at the beginning to the stops in the music allowing Balor to pose like a God, this music completes his WWE transformation.

Sasha Banks

Sasha’s character is an entitled bitch. What do you hear when you listen to this theme? Answer: bingo.


Let’s end on a happy note and dammit that is Bayley. Come on. Bring it in. Hugs all around.



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