Assassin’s Creed IV Makes Collector’s Editions Overly Difficult. New Gameplay Trailer Released.


This is going to be exhausting and some of you already know how exhausting I already consider Assassin’s Creed.

Not content with one special edition worldwide or anything like that, Ubisoft has announced five special collector’s editions. Three will be available overseas in the UK and Ireland so if you live there congrats!! Here in North America we will be getting the Black Chest Edition and is available exclusively on Ubisoft’s UPlay Network and features a diarama of Capt. Edward Kenway, steelbook case, soundtrack, new in-game content and much more as you can see above.

The second collector’s set available here is the Black Island Pack which comes with mostly in-game stuff like a new treasure hunting quest, new pistols and multiplayer items. Try and contain your excitement.

No pricing was given for the collector’s editions. Assassin’s Creed IV releases on October 29th.

Check out the new gameplay trailer below and before you get all goosebumpy and ready to pre-order, just remember how great the ads were for AC3. The new trailer does appear to try ans take the series in new directions, so let’s hope Ubisoft can deliver on the potential.


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