Are You A Gamer? Well Microsoft Says You Will Get An Xbox One.

Photo courtesy xbox
Photo courtesy xbox

It is becoming very eerie how much Microsoft is sounding like Sony from 2005 when the Playstation 3 was announced. They are on the top of the heap and may have developed a bit of big head syndrome. Always online with 24 hour internet checks, extra fees for playing games on other profiles are just the beginning of Microsoft’s uphill battle for next-gen supremacy, but they don’t seem to be too worried.

Take, for example, an interview with Phil Spencer, Microsoft Studios corporate vice-president had with Official Xbox Magazine.

 “We believe that if all you want is gaming, you’ll still pick us, at the end of the day. The super core guys, they will buy everything. They will buy all devices, but most people really only do buy one device, and if you’re going to think about what that one device is, we believe an all-in-one system that does the best games and TV and entertainment will be something that’s really unique.”

Now there is some truth in that statement in that some hardcore gamers will pick up both systems, but the statement reeks of taking the gaming community for granted. It sounds so passive like “we don’t need to worry about gamers, they will buy shit on a stick if it has Xbox on it”.

Do we need to begin a ticker for how many times Microsoft can screw up before E3?



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