A Host Of Screenshots Arrive For The Witcher 3

All photos courtesy gameinformer.com
All photos courtesy gameinformer.com

It is an exciting time to be a video game fan. The promise of new consoles on the horizons means we get to finally see just what next-gen means for the next 5-10 years. CD Projekt Red has released a slew of new screens from The Witcher 3 using their new engine that will also be running their Cyberpunk 2077.

The Witcher 3 will be a full open-world experience with CD Projekt Red claiming that the story will take up to 50 hours to complete. I played the Witcher 2 for around 10 hours and could not get myself to finish it. Not saying it was not a well made game, it just was not catching me. I admit that I will end up getting The Witcher 3 because I am a sucker for fantasy games and give it another try.

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