A Closer Look At The Xbox One Controller

Photo courtesy theverge.com
Photo courtesy theverge.com

The one thing I did not think Microsoft needed to change was the design of the 360 controller. It is, for all intents and purposes, the best controller for any machine in video game history. The d-pad (even the current redesign) did leave a lot to be desired, especially in fighting games, but the feel, weight and overall ease of use is what is important.

So they changed it.

After seeing what has been put in its place for the Xbox One I can say that I am a little less worried than I was. The basic design is still there just with a more flat look from the front. The start and back buttons are still there (kind of). Microsoft is not saying what the new buttons will exactly do. The triggers have been swooped up and look to hold your fingers better and the bumpers have been increased in size. The home button still remains, but has been moved up and separated more from the other buttons so no more accidental fat finger home presses for guys like me. Also each analog has a individual rumble feature to add a new depth to your shaky hands besides all the drinking.

Finally, Microsoft has gotten rid of the battery pack and replaced it with a rechargable integrated battery like the Playstation Dualshock’s. So no more battery buying and no more play and charge kits that are extremely overpriced.

Our early opinions of the Xbox One have not been too enthused, but the controller is looking good so far.






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