3 Minute Extended Trailer For Fast & Furious 6

Photo courtesy teaser-trailer.com
Photo courtesy teaser-trailer.com

How odd is it to realize that the Fast series is about the have its sixth movie release? Paul Walker should definitely be thankful because I am pretty sure it has paid his mortgage for the past ten years. While I was never a huge fan of the first four in the series, the fifth (Fast Five) was undeniably fun to me because it got away from the street racing scene (which I officially give zero cares about) and turned it into a Oceans 11 heist movie on steroids.

Now the gang is all back together again in the new trailer for Fast & Furious 6 which sees them offered full pardons for their help in catching a new big bad played by Luke Wilson and assisted by Michelle Rodriguez who has died in more movies and shows than I care to count.

Fast & Furious 6 releases on May 24th.


3 responses to “3 Minute Extended Trailer For Fast & Furious 6”

  1. Trey Sterling Avatar
    Trey Sterling

    Now with 100% more Anna-Lucia!

    1. God help me, but I want to see that.

  2. Matthew Blake Farley Avatar
    Matthew Blake Farley

    That's not Like Wilson. I can't think of his name though.

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