17 Minutes Of Battlefield 4 Shows Off The Pretty, But Not The Different

So EA had their big Battlefield 4 reveal last night showing 17 minutes of the game in an attempt to show how this game will be a new era for Battlefield. While the game is undeniably beautiful, the new era thing may be a bit much. After watching it, here is what I took away from the footage:

1. The game might as well be called Military Again: Shoot Things.

2. It is now a requirement that all modern military shooters must shoot down at least one helicopter every three missions.

3. This does at least make me excited to see what other games that utilize the Frostbite 3 engine (next Mass Effect) will look like.

4. Can we just go back to shooting Nazis….at least for a few years?

5. The guy named Irish (?) looks like Booker T. I kept waiting for him to do a spinaroonie in the middle of a firefight.



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