Will E3 Bring Cheaper Consoles?

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Photo courtesy uthmag.com
Photo courtesy uthmag.com

Long time game analyst Michael Pachter believes that console prices will be dropping at next week’s E3. He says that with new consoles on their way this year Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft will be lowering their current generation systems by at least $30-$50.

Nintendo making the Wii $99 is just a sensible idea and as I said in my Nintendo E3 preview, they need to give the Wii U a drastic price cut.

Microsoft and Sony lowering their systems may not be as big a deal because they are bundling so much stuff with their systems that a price reduction would just ensure that a lot of bundling would stop. Instead of a $299 PS3 with a couple of games or a year of PS Plus, you may just get a $249 system and that’s all.

E3 begins next week.

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