Weekend Box Office- October 11-13, 2013

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Photo courtesy hollywood.com
Photo courtesy hollywood.com

Captain Phillips had a great start in its first weekend but still could not catch Gravity. The space drama fell only 21% grossing $44.2 million. That is an incredible holdover for a fall film. The great reviews and word of mouth (check out my review here) have made the wonderful film a true blockbuster. In two weeks it has grossed $191 million worldwide.

Tom Hanks may not have finished in first but he returned to theaters strong. Captain Phillips opened with $26 million, well above expectations. After a slow start to the year for award worthy movies, it looks like we have had two open up back to back with Gravity and Captain Phillips.

Machete Kills had a huge cast and a lot of promotion and could only manage a sad $3.7 million. It is the lowest gross for a movie opening in over 2,500 theaters in…well, forever.

1. Gravity- $44.2 million/ $123.4 million

2. Captain Phillips- $26.0/ $26.0

3. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2- $14.2/ $78.0

4. Machete Kills- $3.7/ $3.7

5. Runner Runner- $3.7/ $14.1

6. Prisoners- $3.6/ $53.6

7. Insidious Chapter 2- $2.6/ $78.4

8. Rush- $2.4/ $22.2

9. Don Jon- $2.3/ $20.1

10. Baggage Claim- $2.0/ $18.2

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    sad to say I have only seen 1 of these

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