Sooo Ten May Not Be The End For Sunny

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Let’s play rewind theater.

Tuesday we reported that It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia was set to end its run after Season 10 per series star Glenn Howerton. Check out the original article here.

Done? OK, good.

Scratch all that.

Howerton is now saying that he was misquoted in the newest issue of Rolling Stone and that Sunny may, in fact, run past its tenth season.

Cue quote:

“That was a misquote in Rolling Stone, y’all. We’re signed on through 10 seasons, but may do more … It’s a great article in Rolling Stone. I just think he misunderstood when I said we’re only signed thru 10. We still might sign on for more … Easy on Rolling Stone, you guys. It was an honest mistake.”

Let’s hope this means we will get a Lethal Weapon 6 at some point.

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