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All photos courtesy

And here I thought I was only going to be buying two Superman statues this year. I have already bought the DC Direct Man of Steel statue¬†and Kotobukiya will already have me on the hook this fall for their statue¬†inspired by this summer’s blockbuster movie. I thought I was done. Finished.

Like Michael Corleone they keep pulling me back in.

Set your eyes on the newest in the Koto line inspired by Brian Azzarello’s Superman: For Tomorrow. So if you know me and my love for Jim Lee visuals (re: arm tattoo) then you know I have no choice but to welcome this 12′” piece into my collection.

The statue will release this December.




2 responses to “Make Shelf Space For The New Kotobukiya Superman Statue”

  1. Bama Avatar

    Looks cool, though I still prefer the San Diego Comic Con version. It’s badass.

    1. Trey Sterling Avatar
      Trey Sterling

      I need that. On my shelf. Yesterday.

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