Xbox One Will Launch In Less Territories This Fall

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Microsoft has been on a tear lately scaling back the unpopular policies that have hampered the Xbox One since its announcement a few months ago. Now they are scaling something else back and it will not be as popular a decision. The corporation announced that they will only be launching in 13 territories worldwide instead of the originally planned 21.

The countries getting the boot to 2014 are: Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland. To try and make amends for the delay Microsoft will be adding a pack-in game with the system, so I hope all of you like Forza 5 because that will probably be it.

No reason was given for the delay in these countries, but I am going to say it is most likely due to trying to meet pre-order demands in the larger countries. Luckily, America still counts as a larger country even though our growing dependence on borrowed money from China would say otherwise.

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