WWE’s AJ Lee Wins Maxim Cover Voting In A Landslide

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Proving that wrestling fans will vote in droves for a chance to see their favorite female wrestler on the cover of a publication that used to matter, current Divas champion, AJ Lee, won a fan vote on who should have a Maxim cover in the future over Summer Glau, Miesha Tate and others.

To be completely honest can you see why she won by such a huge margin? If you can’t then we can’t be internet friends, but of course, there are almost no friends on the internet.

No word on if AJ would even consider being on the cover of Maxim. Maybe the fact fans voted her above everyone else on the list will convince her. God know it would be the only reason I would buy a Maxim again.

Photo courtesy showrenity.com
Photo courtesy showrenity.com


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