WWE Raw Review (Not In Memes) 1/27/15

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Since Superstorm Sandy’s bitchier sister dropped her load of “Let It Go” on the northeast, Raw was cancelled for a weather event for the first time ever. It may have been a blessing in disguise.

Anyone who watched the Royal Rumble was expecting more of the same that the Philly crowd started. Three hours of booing the Rumble winner, booing John Cena, cheering Daniel Bryan and a host of chants. I was looking forward to it. Instead we got a show from in-studio with Michael Cole interviewing superstars, JBL giving Jim Cantore reports in the snow and Lawler trying not to eat nuts because, diverticulitis.

If there is one focal point to pay attention to it is the fact that WWE knew how the Royal Rumble looked. No one could avoid it with the backlash getting mentions by every major site including USA Today and Time. You know, the places where they want to be mentioned, but not because of this reason. In response, a genius idea happened.

Enter Paul Heyman.

During the Reigns/Lesnar segment Heyman used the gift God (or Satan) gave him and he used his vocal skills to salvage the main event of WrestleMania. With no audience to take over, Lesnar, Reigns and Heyman were compelling. Did it solve the problems brought out at the Royal Rumble? No. There are too many. It did give hope that this match can be saved by March 29th.

WWE should thank heaven for the snowstorm and hell for Paul Heyman.



3 responses to “WWE Raw Review (Not In Memes) 1/27/15”

  1. Nick Pochodowicz Avatar

    I enjoyed Monday night raw. I enjoyed the rumble results and the main event as well.

  2. Brian Avatar

    Raw has been cancelled for weather before: 3/15/93.

    1. Scott Simmons Avatar

      You are right. Thanks for the correction.

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