Screenwriter Max Landis has released his sort-of, quasi-follow-up to The Death and Return of Superman, which is possibly my favorite YouTube video ever.

Sorry, cats doing…anything.

Now, his focus is on wrestling, of which Landis is a lifelong fan. If you follow him on Twitter you know he has had this idea swimming in his head for a long time and the fruits of that labor are here with his video, Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling. He takes a similar approach to his Superman video in explaining the career of his favorite wrestler, HHH.

If you are a lifelong fan (like me), you have probably already watched it. If you are not a fan, Landis (in my opinion) made this video for you, to show the uninitiated why it is that we love this “fake” “sport”. It is every bit as brilliant and hilarious as Death and Return was and I hope that you give it a watch.

At least watch it to see how many guest stars you can find. Yes, Macaulay Culkin is there.

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