With a pre-show like this, why not make WrestleMania five hours?

The tag match was seven guys going balls out in the ring. I expected nothing going in, but got a Tower of Doom, slingshot backstabber off the top rope and a midget getting put in the Sharpshooter. Too bad half the stadium was still outside getting in line to see it. Cesaro gets a second Mania win. Things can’t be all bad.

“Big Show has never won a battle royal.” With that said halfway through the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, I knew the outcome. It wasn’t the fact they said it once, it was that they continued to say it. The Mizdow split from Miz got the reaction you expected even though it made Sandow looked like a fool. Why don’t you work with Miz to eliminate Big Show, then turn? Logic, I know. The actual match had its moments. Show eliminating New Day was fun and should have put a “return to sender” sticker on them. Turn them heel, already. Ryback got in his offense. In the end, Show winning isn’t bad. Just…there.

And Axelmania is still running wild.


Seven guys, twenty ladders and be careful with Daniel Bryan.

A story released last week that the WWE is concerned about Daniel Bryan’s health so that is why he has been out of the main event picture. And if we have listened to CM Punk’s interview with Colt Cabana, the logic of putting Bryan in a ladder match makes complete “WWE sense”. I will say I was right in calling that this would open the show and that Bryan would win to get the crowd in a good mood. All of them worked their asses off. Dean Ambrose may actually have new personality from now on because I am pretty sure he had a major concussion after going through that ladder.

The ending with Bryan and Ziggler basically doing  “bro you headbutt me and I’ll headbutt you, first guy to die loses” was so, so great.  We know they are headed for a program and this was a great way to get some Ziggler resentment started after he beat Bryan twice in a row.

It’s ok, Seth. Things will get better.

Like I said in predictions, Orton was due this one. He lost the title last year, lost at 29 and 28. Throw him a bone. What felt off about this was that it felt like a long Raw match, not a WrestleMania-type match. I blame that on WWE and the squandering of the story over the past month. The thing that IS a WrestleMania moment is this:


Sorry, Evan Bourne. You are now officially erased from WWE memory. What we had to hold onto was your Shooting Star Press into an RKO, but now this has taken over that spot. I love it because it shows forethought by Orton’s character. He know what Rollins finishing move is, when he sees it coming use your weight to launch him. As I said before…logic. You don’t find it in wrestling often, but when it shows up it is like a ice cold drink on a hot day.


This is the most overbooked, Vince Russo finish in WrestleMania history…and I loved every fucking minute of it.

Let’s me be up front; the match itself before all the shenanigans was actually good. Both HHH and Sting went out there and showed there is a reason they had long runs on top. I especially loved the HHH knee that Sting no-sold and then beat his chest. The 1997 in me got excited again.

When the clusterfuck started happening it was the clusterfuckiest clusterfuck ever clusterfucked. DX comes out to save HHH. nWo comes out to help Sting (don’t think about them being friends with HHH or the fact Sting spent time trying to destroy them), Shawn Michaels comes out and hits Sting with Sweet Chin Music.

Jesus H. Christ, if ever there was a time for Buff Bagwell to take time off from being a gigolo and come back, THIS WAS IT!

People may be upset that Sting did the job. He was going to do the job anyway if he faced Taker, so he was destined to start (finish?) WWE 0-1. Maybe this was HHH’s way of getting his win back from Ultimate Warrior at WrestleMania 12.

And there is no forgetting this…ever.




The problem with Divas matches at WrestleMania is that all the matches are big so there is no real place to put the match and be fair. After the Orton/Rollins match seemed like the best place, but WWE isn’t psychic. For all they know those two could have tore the house down and the Divas match would have still been fucked. Instead, it goes on after the biggest match in WrestleMania history, star power wise.

The match itself was pretty good. I thought Paige and Nikki’s match from last week’s Raw was better. I am all for long Divas matches. Just give them the same courtesy you give your other big stars and let them hit every finisher in the book multiple times and get the crowd on their feet.

Here is hoping next year’s Mania has AJ, Paige, Charlotte and Sasha Banks involved. Perchance to dream.


Riding on a tank > plastic Terminator suit

Look at that. Bask in it. How glorious is that? I swear if Rusev came out on that tank and then BEAT CENA, I would have changed my profile pic on every social media site to Putin riding a horse shirtless and proclaimed my love for Mother Russia. I would have bought Yakov Smirnoff t-shirts.

The problem I had was not with the match, or with Cena winning. It was that the ending had no drama. One AA and a three count. No kick out with Cena questioning what will it take to beat this undefeated behemoth. Just another Cena ending like we have seen over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.


Hi, I’m The Rock and I am here to help fill twenty minutes so the sun can go down more.

Here is my problem; HHH just had a big match with Sting an hour earlier. People have waited fourteen years to see Sting and HHH can’t even sell any effect of the match because he is back in the ring in suit and tie to set up next year’s Mania with The Rock. This is the part of his character I do not like. Be a wrestler, fine. Be a suit, fine. If you are going to do both at least give them both the attention they deserve.

As far as The Rock goes, he is always there to give time where WWE needs. This time he had some backup with Ronda Rousey coming from the front row to hip toss HHH and put her hands on Stephanie which is what happens in one of my fan fictions that I haven’t written, but think about a lot. A whole lot.


One healthy looking deadman

What a difference a year can make. Undertaker looked sickly at WrestleMania 30 and that was before he got a concussion five minutes into the match. This year he showed up looking like what we have grown used to over the past six or seven years. I still maintain that he should have lost last year because of the good it did for Brock, Now we see the good it did for Undertaker. People cared about his WrestleMania matches again. There was no certainty that he would win. When he pinned Bray Wyatt the crowd gave a real pop because their hero had returned to form.

Bray loses nothing with the loss. It is not like last year where the push-killer John Cena worked his magic. Where they go with Wyatt from here is important. He carried the builup to WrestleMania. He needs somewhere good to go from here.


Brock Fucking Lesnar

I will get to the ending, but I need to say this first. Brock is the best. Just the fucking best. To everyone that complains about his part-time schedule and that he is a waste. Go fuck yourself. He is worth every dollar he is paid and ten times over. A man that can eviscerate anyone and you still can’t look away. Even his facial expressions when he started to realize Roman might actually beat him was great. He may not have started out in this industry as a wrestling lover and he may not love it now, but he will go down as one of the greatest to ever be. Get used to it. Suplex city, bitch.

I thought someone from NXT booked the match because it made complete sense. Brock went all Summerslam on Roman for 15 minutes basically beating his ass seven ways to Sunday and had fun doing it. Roman showed he can be dominated and still come back and be a threat to win. He may not be ready now in many eyes (mine too) though I will admit last night showed he is really close.

That ending. If you thought your fantasy ending that you talked about with your friends was stolen last night, join the group. It was the best ending available besides Brock hitting Roman with five F5’s and pinning him in four minutes. Brock doesn’t take a loss and has a beef with Rollins. Reigns had his dream stolen from Rollins when he was so close to beating the unbeatable and he has a beef with Rollins already from The Shield breakup and now Rollins has fucked his dream like they were inmates on Oz.

Rollins is the man who in five years has gone from ROH champion to NXT champion to WWE World Heavyweight to close WrestleMania. He is the type of champion that is very beatable yet should keep the title for a long time because he can weasel his way to victories every month. Not to mention he is the new Shawn Michaels and can wrestle a broomstick and make it look good.


Don’t fuck it up, WWE. (Their going to fuck it up aren’t they?)



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