Rumor Control: Will Walter White Become Lex Luthor?

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Two candidates have emerged among the wreckage that is known as internet rumors to be frontrunners for the role of Lex Luthor in Batman vs. Superman (or whatever they title it) in 2015. Let’s also remind everyone that the villain is not even known to be in the movie at all at this point, but if we didn’t talk about stuff like this what would we do with our days? Work?

First up is Bryan Cranston, who, for the life of me, always seems to be up for key villain roles and is regarded as one of the finest actors working today. I mean, he was good and all on Malcolm in the Middle, but really guys.

The meth king’s name has been thrown out there by Latino Review’s El Mayimbe, who is pretty steady with his insider information. I have no doubt that Cranston would go over well with fans as well as get fans of Breaking Bad interested in the 2015 superhero team-up film. Hell, I even liked him in the Total Recall reboot and they barely used him.

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Second among the big, bald wonders is Mark Strong who gave a very cryptic answer when asked if he was in the running for Lex Luthor. He simply said:

“All I can say is… watch this space.”

Now I do not know if he was pointing to his crotch at this point during the interview so I am just going to put it in the “weird Hollywood answer” section. I am going to refuse the need/want to say he would be a “strong” choice to play Superman’s main nemesis. He was one of the few bright spots in Green Lantern and his performance in AMC’s upcoming Low Winter Sun looks like it will be amazing.

At least these are more believable than the Bradley Cooper rumors when Man of Steel was filming.

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