When Comic Books Meet Pixar

All photos courtesy Phil Postman's Minion Factory
All photos courtesy Phil Postman’s Minion Factory

When Marvel was bought up by Disney (in what used to be a big deal until the Star Wars sale took over) you knew that this would happen eventually. Blogger Phil Postma has taken scenes from various Pixar movies and created shots of the characters not just of Marvel heroes and villains but from the DC universe as well. They range from Magneto, Batman & Robin, Spider-Man and even Phoenix. There are at least four or five that I would not mind having framed up and adorning some wall space.

And before you ask, yes it is kind of weird seeing Merida from Brave as Poison Ivy. Very…very….weird.

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  1. Trey Sterling Avatar
    Trey Sterling

    That Poison Ivy one is so creepy I almost want Pixar to sue!

    1. It takes more than just screwing with an image to make art

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