Weekend Box Office- January 30- February 2, 2014


Super Bowl weekend is routinely a bad weekend at the box office. Of course, if people knew what kind of boring game they were in store for last night they might have went to see a movie instead of buying lots of food and sitting through four hours of a bird raping a horse.

Ride Along won the top spot for the third week in a row with only $12.2 million. The rest of the top ten shook out like previous weeks with Forzen, The Nut Job and Lone Survivor trailing. That Awkward Moment finished in third with $9 million. Still, if you are Zac Efron you have to feel good about yourself that there are $9 million worth of people that want to see your naked ass.

1. Ride Along- $12.2 million/ $92.9 million

2. Frozen- $9.3/ $360.0

3. That Awkward Moment- $9.0/ $9.0

4. The Nut Job- $7.6/ $50.2

5. Lone Survivor- $7.1/ $104.8

6. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit- $5.4/ $38.9

7. Labor Day- $5.3/ $5.3

8. American Hustle- $4.3/ $132.1

9. The Wolf of Wall Street- $3.5/ $104.0

10. I, Frankenstein- $3.5/ $14.4



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