Weekend Box Office- February 28- March 2, 2014

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Even Jesus couldn’t take down Liam Neeson this weekend, but seeing as Neeson played Aslan in The Chronicles of Narnia series, we will call it a 1-2 finish for the Lord.

There is almost one sure thing in Hollywood; if Neeson has a new action movie opening, it will open at #1. Non-Stop finished with $30 million beating Son of God which made way more than expected considering people had already seen the movie.

What’s that?

Yep, Son of God is most of the Jesus story that was shown in History Channel’s big miniseries, The Bible, with deleted scenes added in to make a movie. Brilliant move seeing as Son of God brought in $26.5 million.

My brain hurts a bit.

The LEGO Movie fell to third with $21 million, crossing $200 million domestically. Frozen continued its wonderful run becoming the newest movie to cross $1 billion worldwide.

1. Non-Stop- $30.0 million/ $30.0 million

2. Son of God- $26.5/ $26.5

3. The LEGO Movie- $21.0/ $209.3

4. The Monuments Men- $5.0/ $65.6

5. 3 Days To Kill- $4.9/ $20.7

6. Robocop- $4.5/ $51.2

7. Pompeii- $4.3/ $17.7

8. Frozen- $3.6/ $388.7

9. About Last Night- $3.4/ $43.7

10. Ride Along- $3.0/ $127.1


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