Man can not live by trailer alone. He needs pretty, shiny pictures to stare at as his boss thinks he is deep into work at his computer.

Here are 18 screenshots from Batman: Arkham Knight in all their next-gen goodness showing off shots of Batman, Penguin, Two-Face, the redesigned Batmobile, new villain Arkham Knight and more.

Rocksteady is saying the game is five times larger than Arkham City. That is way too much Bat-fun.

Batman: Arkham Knight releases on October 14th.

arkham1 arkham2 arkham3 arkham4 arkham5 arkham6 arkham7 arkham8 arkham9 arkham10 arkham11 arkham12 arkham13 arkham14 arkham15 arkham16 arkham17 arkham18

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