The Walking Dead Sets Another Ratings Record

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If you were waiting on The Walking Dead to show signs of slow down in the ratings, you may have a long wait ahead. The Season 4 premiere of the AMC show set another ratings record last night with 16.1 million viewers. The previous highest watched episode was the Season 3 finale with 12.4 million viewers. It was so big that the major networks Sunday night ratings were down 17% total.

How about this? NBC has not announced the ratings for last night’s Sunday Night Football but there is a good chance that The Walking Dead may have drawn more viewers in total. That is f***ing insane. With DVR playback, AMC thinks that total viewership could top 20 million viewers. For a basic cable show.

I enjoyed last night’s premiere. I know the series is far from perfect and can never truly encapsulate how great the comic series is but the show made great strides in Season 3 and looks to be moving at a good pace.

The Talking Dead also had big ratings with 5.1 million viewers. I think we can attribute that to Nathan Fillion.


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