Troy Baker Shows Off His Joker, Reads From The Killing Joke

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Rule of thumb in the voice acting world: never doubt Troy Baker. That rule used to be “never doubt Nolan North” but Baker has taken that over with his insanely great performances in huge games like Bioshock Infinite and The Last of Us. He is also no stranger to the Batman video game world having voiced The Dark Knight in Lego Batman 2 and Two-Face in Batman: Arkham City.

Now, he takes on the biggest possible role in the Batman universe as The Joker in Batman: Arkham Origins and with Mark Hamill “retiring” from the iconic role after twenty years, how can Baker possibly live up to the precedence set before him?

Here is footage from the Arkham Origins panel at New York Comic-Con where Baker reads a monologue as The Joker from Alan Moore’s classic, The Killing Joke. Before you hit play just remember the rule mentioned before.


Whatever deal Baker made with the devil to sound so much like Hamill was well worth it.

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