Trailer For The Walking Dead Season 4 Return

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Now that all shit has been let loose and Rick and his group of survivors are split up after The Governor’s assault on the prison, where do they go from here? We are not too far away from finding out. The Walking Dead returns on February 9th and here is the trailer for the show’s second half.

How near will the plot be to the aftermath in the comics? They have already done the whole “bucknuts crazy Rick talks to Lori on a phone” on the show so that is out the window. If Rick and Carl meet up with Michonne, like in the comics, it could be a good opportunity to flesh out her character more.

We know that Abraham, Eugene and Rosita are on the way so we may be headed on a trip to D.C. and don’t forget (off the comic trip) that we should see Carol sooner rather than later.


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