Trailer For 47 Ronin Starring Keanu Reeves

Photo courtesy
Photo courtesy

This trailer for the Keanu Reeves samurai epic 47 Ronin at least proves that the movie exist and is getting released. It was originally planned for a November 2012 release and then dated again for February of this year, but was finally pushed back again to Christmas. The initial budget was an already large $175 million then kept climbing to around $225 million. Here is hoping that Universal’s faith in the project pays off.

The first look does leave an impression with a good mix of martial arts and fantasy. I don’t know if audiences will go in droves for the samurai driven film, but I will certainly give it a shot. Where else will you see Ted “Theodore” Logan slice a dude’s head off with a sword?

47 Ronin releases on December 25th.


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