Damn Night, You Scary: Dying Light Review

I spent exactly 30 hours and 8 minutes on Dying Light. Much more than I thought I would going into it. There was still plenty left to do. I left some side missions alone and could have just spent more time exploring Harran. It is a game that could easily pass the 40 hour mark. […]

Dead Rising Trailer Is Bad. I Want It Now.

http://youtu.be/_z-211gEJOg We know. Video game movies are bad. Sometimes that works in their favor. Dead Rising: Watchtower is coming to Crackle and the first trailer is just what you would expect. If you enjoyed Z Nation on SyFy (I did) then this is just your style. Getting Rob Riggle as Frank West and President Palmer […]

Trailer For Resident Evil’s Re-Re(?)-Release

Remember the first time zombie dogs jumped through the windows of that creepy ass mansion and may (or may not) have made you yell out obscenities in front of your mother along with a dribble of pee? You may not have the same memory, but you get what I am saying. Capcom is releasing an […]

Trailer For The Walking Dead Season 4 Return

http://youtu.be/KP3YCd_n560 Now that all shit has been let loose and Rick and his group of survivors are split up after The Governor’s assault on the prison, where do they go from here? We are not too far away from finding out. The Walking Dead returns on February 9th and here is the trailer for the […]

Carl And Rick Hit The Rails In New Poster For The Walking Dead

If you watched the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead then chances are you are still traumatized by the events that happened, and if you are a comic fan, then you are happy that finally, in the show’s fourth season, it is beginning to get the feel of the comic down. Give you a taste […]

Xbox One Invites You To Have Fun With Titans, Zombies And Zachary Quinto In New Commercial

Where was this thinking earlier this year when Microsoft was shooting themselves in the foot while running on broken glass with their inability to market the Xbox One? They have righted the course since then and this commercial hits all the right notes for the system. Titanfall, Dead Rising 3, Ryse and Forza are represented […]

New Dead Rising 3 TV Commercial Gets Happy

http://youtu.be/hu_ycZCLWoU By happy I mean witnessing the zombie apocalypse listening to The Turtles “Happy Together”. If this is actually available in the game’s soundtrack then we may have a winner. Come to think of it, what would your zombie apocalypse soundtrack sound like? [amazon_link id=”B00DB90AHA” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Dead Rising 3[/amazon_link] releases for the Xbox […]

The Walking Dead Sets Another Ratings Record

If you were waiting on The Walking Dead to show signs of slow down in the ratings, you may have a long wait ahead. The Season 4 premiere of the AMC show set another ratings record last night with 16.1 million viewers. The previous highest watched episode was the Season 3 finale with 12.4 million […]