Xbox One Gets $50 Price Drop For The Holidays

Looks like Microsoft isn’t playing around this holiday season. They have announced that starting November 2nd the console would see a $50 price drop including the newest bundles that include Assassin’s Creed: Unity, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Sunset Overdrive. The Assassin’s Creed and Sunset Overdrive bundle will cost $349 while the Call of […]

Let’s Rate Microsoft’s Gamescom Announcements

There was no sitting on hands this year at Microsoft. The company came heavy with announcements during their Gamescom press conference. So we thought we would hit the biggies with ratings to see how excited we are about all of the games and whatnot. 1. Rise of the Tomb Raider is an Xbox exclusive Huge […]

Phil Spencer To Head Up Xbox Division

Phil Spencer, the master of the t-shirt/sportscoat combo and voted “Guy You Would Like To Punch In The Face Because Of How He Looks, Even Though He Is Probably A Cool Guy”, has been named the head of the Xbox division of Microsoft. In all honesty, Phil has a good rapport with the gaming community […]

Guy Changes Xbox Gamertag To “Xbox Bing”, Even More Hilarity Ensues If something works, keep doing it until they catch on. Remember a few weeks ago when we posted a video of someone changing their Xbox Live gamertag to the ingenious “Xbox Sign Out”? They are back proving that just because something has hit it big on the internet (the video mentioned above) there is still […]

Guy Changes Xbox Gamertag To “Xbox Sign Out”, Hilarity Ensues This gamer (or genius in my book) changed his gamertag to “Xbox Sign Out” and went online with the underage masses in Call of Duty: Ghosts on Xbox One. What follows is some of the most brilliantly funny gaming ever. Here is to you, sir. You have my respect.

Xbox One: First Week Impressions

I’ve had my first full week with Microsoft’s entry into this “Next-Gen” fracas, and I thought it worthwhile to follow Scott’s example and give you fine folks and idea of what to expect if you’re picking an Xbox One up this holiday season. Hardware The Xbox One is a BIG system. It’s larger and heavier […]

Hey! Buy Games! November 17-24, 2013

This week is the beginning of the next-gen console war where fanboys on both sides build up their system as the best out there while they play games that are available on both consoles. Five years from now Microsoft and Sony will each hold 48% of the market. Is it really a war if there […]

Xbox One’s Snap Takes A.D.D. To A Whole New Level

Even though the title of this sounds like I will be making fun of the Xbox One Snap feature I will, in fact, be praising Microsoft for it. It is another example of how they are truly trying to make the Xbox One the focal point of your entertainment. Watch Yusuf Mehdi show off as […]